martedì 17 giugno 2008

Monster Bobby: a male ape copulating with a female cyborg

.Hi Bob. Why Bob?
i've been asking myself the same question for years. still can't figure it out though. 

.Have you ever serenade a girl?
No but I did once make a girl fall asleep by singing to her.

.Would you play on Venus?
Hell, if someone's willing to pay my travel costs and sort me out with a place to stay the night then i'll play anywhere. venus, you say? sure, why not? how's the parking?

.Coffee or tea?
tea. tea is the only drink with magical powers, but only when made by english builders.

.Tell us about 'I heard you moved away'.
Tell you what about I heard you moved away? you want to know what it's about? Well, it's about three minutes long. but the whole process of writing and recording it took only about half as long. the original version contained two samples, a sample from the drum loop of 'jesus wants yo ass' by bad bill graham's incredibly bonkers bongo band, and a sample from a traveling salesman in the west midlands. the version on the record doesn't contain those samples though because we couldn't get clearance, we all had caught clearance before, as children, and you can never get it again once you've had it. so we had to make do with a bit of tidy. the version on the record does, however, contain the delightful trumpeteering of mr dexter batson, the mellifluous fluting of mr peter westlake, and some traditional corinthian yodelling by my friend antonia (also known as komon - see Funnily enough, shortly before the record came out, i actually moved away myself. only i wasn't around to hear about it.

.The Pipettes. Tell us about them - and their dotted outfit.
The pipettes' polka dot signature was actually invented by Julia's mum. julia's not in the band anymore, and neither is her mother, but then line-up changes for the pipettes are like hair cut changes for most bands. curiously enough, haircut changes for the pipettes are beoming increasingly rare. gwenno's hair is now 6 foot long. give her an electric shock and she doubles in height. funnily enough in the week our album was released in the UK, the budget clothing store, Primark, released a £10 polka dot dress which sold more in it's first week of sale than any dress ever before. in comparison, our album didn't fair so well, reaching a mere no. 42 in the hit parade.

.Who is your best friend?
anyone with a fiver and a cigarette going spare.

.Your first love?
Would, according to the theories of child psychoanalysis developed by Melanie Klein, have almost certainly been a partial object.

.The best song of 2007?
The Backyardigans theme tune.

.Which genre do you feel a part of?

.Are you a perfect englishman?
why certainly, my dear. however, i am no by no means perfect by the standards of any other country, ours being apparently somewhat lower than most.

Say goodbye!
charmed, i'm sure. goodbye.

(photo by Dominick Sheldon)


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